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Daniel Lampe
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Daniel Lampe
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Photographer with wanderlust
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Travel & Photography

Moments for the ages

Our lifes are shaped by experiences and memories.

This is what defines us humans as individuals. Each of us looks back on his own personal experiences. And most of the time, the good ones are remembered for the longest.

And that's why I love photography: It gives us photographers the opportunity to capture memories, share them and make them accessible to other people.

I am happy that I can share some of my memories with you.


Ein kleiner Überblick über meine Arbeiten

If the impressions have piqued your interest and you have a nice home for one or more of my pictures, please visit my shop.


Nature-loving Photographer

I grew up in the beautiful and scenic high Odenwald. Here, the relationship to nature was laid in my cradle. Even as a child I was a little explorer and preferred to be outdoors - often until my parents picked me up again. I have remained true to my homeland to this day and I still love being outdoors in nature.

My photographic journey began much later. In 2017 I wanted to capture a trip through Southeast Asia with a modern camera. Since then, photography has grown from a hobby into a passion. I have deepened my knowledge of photography through countless books, tutorials and courses, and of course nothing beats empirical experience. And I still prefer to do this outdoors in nature on my doorstep or while traveling.

Photography is not just about pressing the shutter button on the camera. There is always a certain personal touch in my photos. They convey personal feelings at the time of recording. For me, photography is the opportunity to inspire other people and give them the opportunity to see the world through my eyes.

That is the motivation with which I get up at sometimes unchristian times and now and then wait in the cold for the right light or moment.

Photographer | Traveler | Creator

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